MFO, Zürich

Behind these three non-spectacular letters stands a gem of modern space design and landscape architecture.

It is a three-dimensional park space created in place of the Machine Factory Oerlikon (MFO).  It is a real oasis of calm situated in one of the newly built quarters next to a busy train station. The project has won a number of design awards but what really matters is the feeling of space that one can experience here.

The park’s vertical dimension consists of several levels. One goes up by flights of metal stairs and appears at several terraces hanging in the mid-air inside a metal frame covered by plants. Every new location provides for a different perspective of the site. And the sun terrace on the roof opens up a view of the surrounding quarter.

The ground level is designed around a little pool, planted with irises. The floor is covered by recycled glass. It seems to expand the influence of the cool water element.

I don’t know a second place like MFO Park. Please, share if you have seen something similar or have another favourite example of green contemporary design in mind.

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