Industrious crows

/Industrious crows

Today in the center of Zürich, at Limmatquai, crows have been caught in an act of gathering down of the local waterfowl for their own cushy interior design.

It is just one more proof of the extraordinary intelligence of the crows and other related species. They can recognise themselves in the mirror, which is not an easy trick for the most of the animal kingdom. They can solve complicated tasks and use objects as tools. I think crows deserve much more attention than they are currently receiving. I have already had some very interesting encounters with them.

Last year in autumn I was having a walk in a park on a grey rainy day. I have seen a jung crow sitting on a stone on the side of the path. I have looked at it, it has looked at me. I have continued walking. In about twenty steps I have turned around to check on the crow. To my surprise, it took off from the stone and caught up with me. It has landed on the side of the path about 10 steps in front of me. I have started walking again and repeated the same pattern. The crow has followed me at least five times until I have left the park area. I could not believe it. I have never expected to have such a sophisticated interaction with a bird.

Crows and ravens are really fascinating creatures that appear in stories next to the gods and witches as their advisors and messengers. But there is not so many sources that one can use to find out more about them. One of the few books I came across was “Rabenschwarze Intelligenz: Was wir von Krähen lernen können” from Josef H. Reichholf. Unfortunately, it seems like it has never been translated to English. The author was fascinated by crows since childhood, has raised several young birds himself and studied them as a scientist. A crow-loving read.

Do you have any crow stories, pictures or videos to share?


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